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New Construction

Pre-Engineered buildings are cost-effective solutions for many office, community centers, manufacturing, storage, or home garage applications and building styles.  


Grossman Construction has experience with new construction for:

  • Retail shopping centers

  • Churches

  • Warehouse / Distribution Centers

  • Fire Departments

  • Mini-Storage complexes

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Farm Machinery Storage / Repair

  • Livestock Arena / Covered Sorting Facility

  • Combination Home / Garage / Shop

  • Museum

  • Community Center

The use of a steel Pre-Engineered building, shop fabricated and shipped to the project site, can reduce the time required for completion of a project by weeks, sometimes months. In general, through reduced labor costs for assembly and reduced overhead costs by reduced construction time, cost savings can be considerable when compared to conventional steel construction. 

While the most cost-effective exterior construction is simple steel siding, Pre-Engineered buildings may be finished with brick, decorative concrete block, or a combination of any of these. Interior finishes can be as varied or as simple as any conventionally constructed building.

Advantages of Pre Engineered Buildings

  • Reduced Construction Time

  • Reduced Design Time 

  • Lower cost due to simpler overall plan and reduced construction time

  • Foundations required are simpler, lighter, and easier to construct

  • Architectural Versatility allows standard plans to be greatly modified to meet the needs and overall look needed for a museum, school building, firehouse, church, mechanic shop, etc.

  • Flexibility of Expansion or changing interior floor plans later

  • Large clear spans allows for larger and wider variety of use

  • Quality control due to manufacturing in a factory under controlled conditions and very specific and consistent erection / construction on site

  • Low Maintenance as building cladding / paneling has baked on finish, roofs require no shingle replacement and steel beams are not prone to rot or weakening over time

  • Option of Energy Efficient roof and wall systems​

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